Our Services



A 20-30 minute visit while you are at work. A walk, playtime, a mix of the two.....Starting at $20 per visit.

Vacation 4X/day

Same as our 3X/day plan. The additional visit is perfect for smaller dogs or dogs that get particularly lonely or just need some additional exercise....$85 per day

In Addition...

We have also taken care of birds, chickens, hamsters, fish, bearded dragons....from $20 per day

Vacation 3X/day

Three visits spaced out to best suit your dog's needs.    Walks, playtime, and companionship while you are away.....$65 per day


Cats are funny. Sometimes they require a lot of attention. Other times....not so much. Regardless, they need to be fed and have their litter cleaned....Starting at $20 per day.